Saturday, July 23, 2011

I do NOT get credit for this masterpiece!

I just wanted to document it for posterity and really felt I must share it with the world--it is so beautiful.  Done by our "real quilter" friend for my granddaughter...

detail of the pattern and the "flaps"

A big larger portion


I am not sharing the "signature" area; too much personal information for a public blog.  It's beautifully done.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another one; I only "helped" with this one

Some eight or so years ago, my daughter started this baby quilt for her sister.  Her sister has finished creating her family, but it was not complete.  This year she decided to send it to our friends in Sweden.

She designed, pieced, and backed it with flannel.  Many friends helped with hand-quilting.  In the end I finished the hand-quilting and turned the backing over to form the binding.

Here is the back of very soft flannel

And the front of lovely little pastels squares

Very sweet, and much appreciated by the new baby.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Blocks

One of my daughters designed these.  My other daughter chose the fabrics.  The effect is very bold, especially as we used such large squares.  (I would not make another one with such large squares, but it is quite spectacular.)

It was originally one quilt, and it was massive, so I split it into two identical ones. 

It was relatively easy to get the quilting stitches where I wanted them with the corners to "eyeball".



Kids Around the World - new color scheme

I like this design so much, I got it in a natural background.




First Village

This fabric is called "First Village", and I suppose it is as good a title for the quilt as anything, although I don't think the first village looked anything like this adorable fabric.


Again, I needed to quilt "around" the scenes.  It shows up best on the back side.

I love the combination

Finished back

Front  (it's strange how the stripes beside the center panel completely distorts in the photo)

Dancing Horses - (and free style gets REALLY crazy!)

I simply cannot chop these horses heads off.  I tried to tell myself I could, but it just couldn't happen.  

So, 7 hours of quilting later (that is only on the center panel, which is not a full-width panel like many I've done)...

This is what it looks like on the back side

Back of the whole quilt

I said these crazy bugs and horses just might be my "Sistine Chapel"


Dutch Flowers

My daughter calls this one "Wooden Shoes".

It's another large quilted center panel with border.  I merely followed the lines of the print for the quilting.


I love the crisp clean look - finished quilt


You will see a variant on this one if I ever get back to my quilting.